I'm addicted to Line Play omg.

Like I'm telling myself to work hard to get rich again.

Yes I'm not busy but I'm so busy now because of Line Play. Unfortunately, I haven't get my works done yet. 〒▽〒

Anyway, I visited Hello Kitty, Jackson, Dara, Assassination Classroom and so on. However I just took screenshots for Assassination Classroom only as it's fun looking my avatar wandering inside the classroom lol.

My room is pretty empty, and quite lousy. I'm planning to get an interior set but when will I get rich again? Sigh.

Also, I just done my haircut and yeah...it's much more shorter than what I have expected and I was shocked for a moment. I thought I'll be mocked by my parents but luckily not, as long as my mum thinks it's cute then I'll just accept the current state of myself. Even though I'm still in shock.