A To-do List

Today is the day, and yeah, I can relax now. Luckily my result is not as shitty as what I have expected, which means I have a lot of things to do afterwards.

First of all, buying a Korean chilli paste. Yes, I wanna make some kimchi as I missed the taste of it and I found that I can get that chilli paste from a reachable store which is really good. Using ordinary chilli powder is an easier option but for me I want to try it by using that chilli paste. Even though it's quite pricy.

Next, taking some aesthetics photos for my sister's social medias profile pictures. I hope they turn out well using my phone's lousy camera.

Also, continue writing my BTS fanfics. Yes, I enjoy it too much, gonna write more, phewww--

Buying a sunscreen lotion is such a lame idea but gonna write it down here or I might forget about it anytime.

Buying a kawaii Hello Kitty sharpener for my friend is a MUST. I'm sooo happy and excited that she decided to give me some souvenirs from Shanghai and a Hello Kitty mug together with a box of KitKat, I'm too happy and maybe I should buy more gifts to her?

Applying for a scholarship. Yes, hopefully I can stop procrastinating.

Oh ya, buying my siblings some junk foods? This is a MUST too.

Gonna add more since I have a lot of things to do.

--updated on 18 Jan 2017

I almost forgot about sticking the BTS poster on my bedroom's wall lol.

--updated on 22 Jan 2017