It's been a long time that I don't post or blog anything in English.

Life is quite tedious and tomorrow is the important day for me...if you know what I mean. (Sigh)

I have been worrying for my result since the first day of my holiday. I can't help but just feel anxious. I always don't have confidence in myself which is really bad for me. As I have to deal with my anxiety due to this problem. I may be seem as a very optimistic girl but actually nope, I considered myself as a pessimistic person, when people are enjoying their holiday lives, I'm staying at home suffering. To be honest, I judge myself very hard.

I hope I can get a better result, I hope for anything good in my life. I have been stressed for several months and went through some disappointments which snatched my happiness away. I just feel tired and I'm fake up my bright smile so people won't sense anything wrong in me.

Even though it has been better after talking to my siblings, and they knew what's actually went wrong in me. I feel supported and blessed.

Anyways, I hope tomorrow will be okay and I'll get a better result. Wish myself good luck and I hope God heard my prayers.

Thanks for every good thing gifted!