My First Digital Illustration

First, when you decided to get yourself into this post and accidentally glance through my ugly and low quality illustration, please take a deep breath and sigh but don't BASH. I know my imperfections and poor drawing skill but I still wanna share it on here because it can become too rusty or full of verdigris as it was staying for a long time in my phone's gallery.
This illustration was done by me today and it's the first thing that I'd completed in this new year. I'm glad that I'd done it although the outcome seems not every professional and it's a bit messy. Drawing is not my hobby and I'm very poor in drawing living things that's why I always avoid drawing human,animals and even plants. I'm not an art student and I don't know the real drawing techniques, I just start drawing from my first imagination and it might evolve during the drawing process. I know this might sound weird but anyway, it's true, as my drawing skill is quite poor, I can't draw everything that I want to.
I found that it's quite hard to draw using my phablet as my first generation Note is old and worn, it's not so sensitive and sometimes it's hard to control. Luckily, the stylus pen helps me a lot, I can't imagine if I just draw in my phone using my hands, I'll probably freaked out and ruin the work!
Thus, I'm glad that I'd succeed to complete my first digital illustration on the first day of 2016, wish you a happy new year here!