New Appearance New Feeling! Hehehe

Previously, I'd changed the look of my blog by using the code of the template from with the help of my friend. However, I found the template can't work well and some of the icons are just like the decorations because I can't insert the links of my SNS accounts successfully (maybe this is because there are something wrong with the base code itself) . This problem had distressed me for a long time although this just happened a few weeks ago, but finally I discovered the new blog skin and when I saw it, I was just like " cute", yeah, I almost scream in front of the screen,as to me, it's sooooooo cute! Thanks, for and thanks for my luck for discovering this blog skin.<3 <3 <3

This is how my blog looked like a few weeks ago. 

But, but, but...

This is how my blog looks like now...Maybe you'll find that it looks ordinary, but as long as you notice that the Rilakkuma is winking its eyes, you will get what I mean (funny ==). All of the problems with the links had solved now and I hope that you all will have a nice day, bye~

( I have to be patient with my broken earphone for months =_=, anyway, good luck to myself and perhaps I have enough money to buy a new one .)